3 Things To Ask Potential Wedding Venues

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After getting engaged, you and your fiancé probably started discussing wedding plans immediately. First, you need to decide on a date and a venue for your wedding. When you are touring wedding venues, it can be easy to forget the important things to ask. Consider these three things you should always inquire about when touring a venue for the first time. These tips will help you plan the wedding of your dreams with no surprises.

1. Contract Terms

Many wedding venues have contracts that the bride and groom must sign to reserve the date. In many cases, a security deposit or down payment is required to finalize the booking. Be sure to look over the contract carefully. In many instances, the security deposit or initial down payment is non-refundable. You should be certain that the venue is the right one for you before signing a legally binding contract.

2. Number of Guests Allowed

Before finalizing a location for your wedding, ask the wedding venue Newport KY how many guests are allowed. You need to have an estimate of how many people you will invite to your wedding so you can determine if the venue is large enough. Always ask if the wedding party is included in the overall guest count. You must find out how many people you can invite before you start mailing invitations!

3. Setup and Cleanup

Many brides and grooms prefer to hire a venue that will manage setup and cleanup before and after the wedding. If these services are not included, you will need to plan to have someone do these things for you. It may be worth paying more to have these services included, as it will reduce a lot of stress for you on the wedding day.

Touring venues for your special day is an exciting thing. Just be sure to remember to ask these important questions.