5 Signs That Shows You Are In A Healthy Relationship

A lot of things about relationships have been greatly misconstrued. You’d see people staying in harmful relationships because they claim to love their abuser. There are some major signs you should look out for in relationships. When you see them, let go. This is why we’ll make it all easier for you by sharing five signs that will tell you if you’re in a healthy relationship or not. Reading through the reviews and opinions on ReviewsBird.com, you’ll learn about the concept of dating as well as the beautiful little things that make relationships blissful.

Below are five signs that show you are in a healthy relationship:

  1. Your comfort in your skin: This is one big sign that shows you’re in a healthy relationship. Any relationship that shrinks you and makes you hate your own body isn’t the right one for you. You see some partners making comparisons with their lover’s body. No, any form of body shaming should reset your brain. Don’t go losing the truth of who you are to keep a relationship that will break you in the long run.
  2. You can talk freely: In a healthy relationship, there’s no friction in communication. You know, overthinking your words before you say them, swallowing your words and even being afraid to share diverse views with your partner’s. A healthy relationship lets you have a mind of your own as well as let you express them freely.
  3. Trust: This is one of the core pillars of relationships. A healthy relationship isn’t one to fill you with doubt or make you inquisitive about any single move your partner makes. It’s a relationship and not some detective job. When suspicion takes the place of trust in relationships, it kills all the love.
  4. You have a life outside your relationship: Of course you were a complete human before your partner came along. Everything about your existence shouldn’t centre on your relationship. Unhealthy relationships tend to take away other parts of you that aren’t relationship inclined. Come on, it isn’t the only thing you live for. You should have a life outside your relationship.
  5. You and your partner know each other’s love language: Knowing and understanding each other’s love language is one sure way to enjoy your relationship. It isn’t strange to find lovers that don’t even know their partner’s love language. Love languages help you love people just the way they want to be loved. You could go out of your way to get gifts everyday for your partner and your partner may not even be interested in it. Her love language could be spending time with you. She’d definitely appreciate quality time over your gifts. This is why you should take your time to know your partner’s love language.

People tend to turn deaf ears to subtle signs that show them the toxicity of their relationships.  It is actually better for you to walk away from an unhealthy relationship yourself than wait for it to break you first. We hope you learn to not entertain unhealthy relationships with these signs we have shown you in this article.