Advantages of Hiring a Piano for Your Wedding and Reception

DJ vs Live Music - Which is Best for Your Las Vegas Wedding Reception

Hiring a pianist for your wedding and reception can make the celebration memorable for you and your guests. It is a great way to create a memorable mood and makes the guests feel more comfortable and connected. Live music has many benefits, such as connecting guests, making the guests feel comfortable and relaxed, and connecting the bride and groom. However, hiring a pianist can be expensive. Therefore, it is essential to choose carefully.

Benefits of Hiring a Pianist

Hiring a pianist for your wedding and reception can be a great way to add music to your wedding. A pianist for weddings and receptions Minnesota can play a variety of styles and genres, making your wedding ceremony and reception beautiful. Hiring a professional is an excellent choice for your wedding, as they are well-versed in wedding music and can handle requests at the reception. Hiring a professional also ensures smooth logistics.

Hiring a pianist for your wedding and reception can help you avoid the stress of having a non-professional performer play at your reception. Many pianists have their PA system and can project to as many as 150 guests. Make sure to inform your pianist of your guest count so they can plan accordingly. In addition, you can negotiate a discount on their standard rates if you hire a piano player for a charity event.


Hiring a pianist to perform at your wedding and reception can be expensive. The cost will depend on whether or not you choose to have him perform at your ceremony and reception, as well as if you want other extra services. However, the cost of hiring a pianist can still be relatively reasonable, especially if you can select one that can provide excellent quality and service for a reasonable price.

Consider booking a local pianist to cut back on travel costs. A pianist will also bring the appropriate musical instruments with them. Some musicians will even bring a piano shell, creating a unique statement for your guests.

Choosing a Pianist

When selecting a pianist for your wedding and reception, you want to make sure that they are experienced and capable of playing a variety of styles and genres. You also want someone who is flexible and can play for a long time without making mistakes or repeating songs. In addition, you want someone comfortable communicating with your wedding coordinator and other wedding personnel.

You can choose classical music to create an elegant and peaceful atmosphere or a jazz pianist if you want a more laid-back vibe. If your wedding is black tie, classical music will be the perfect choice for a sophisticated affair. If you prefer a laid-back vibe, you can choose a pianist who plays jazz renditions of current chart hits. You can also choose a pianist who plays a mix of different genres if you want.

Live Music Connects People

Live music at a wedding can help generational bridge gaps. People from different generations connect more naturally when the same music surrounds them. Live music is a great way to create a unique and personal experience. Dance steps and improvisation to the music will add a special touch to the evening. It is also a wonderful way to unite people, whether at a wedding or a corporate event.

A pianist can add a classy ambiance to the celebration. You can hire a singer or pianist with an acoustic guitar for a more relaxed feel. The pianist will often join planning meetings to help you determine the number of guests you expect. They will also be able to help you figure out the logistics of the venue.


Hiring a pianist for your wedding and reception is one of the best ways to create the right atmosphere for your special day. Guests of all ages love to hear the gorgeous sound of a beautifully played piano. Whether planning a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony, live piano music can elevate any event.

Wedding music sets the tone for the entire day. Choose songs that set the mood as guests walk down the aisle while the bride and her bridesmaids make their entrances. A slow, quiet piece may be appropriate for your ceremony. A pianist specializing in wedding music, such as Simon Jordan, will tailor the music performance to your wedding.