How to Choose Your Relationships – A Practical Guide

Totally free online dating sites like sugar daddy meet reviews can be good resources for finding a dating partner. However, a dating site can never be a guarantor for choosing good relationships. This practical guide offers valuable pieces of advice that can help you in choosing your relationships consciously.

What is a Conscious Relationship?

Great relationships are a blessing in disguise. It just makes your otherwise difficult life a bit easier. These relationships help you in enduring the most difficult phase of your lives calmly. In simpler words, conscious relationships are those relationships in which one clearly communicates how s/he wants to love and be loved, the boundaries of the relationships, and what things are non-negotiable.

Evolution of Relationships

In the past two centuries, our understanding of relationships, including marriage, has constantly been evolving. The needs which we plan to derive from our relationship are constantly growing. Modern relationships are not more restricted to basic needs like food, shelter, and security. However, it has transcended the boundaries of biological needs and includes several complex demands of being loved and cherished, sharing life experiences, and gaining the highest potential. Conscious relationships make these complex demands a priority.

Generally, there are four factors in a conscious relationship. These are as follows:

Taking Responsibility

The first quality of conscious relationship refers to owning up to your limitations and, consequently, your shortcomings. Taking responsibility also means that you pursue what you want. 

Growth-Directed Mindset

Not everyone enters a relationship with ideal standards. This is because each one of us had our own ways of dealing with conflicts in the past in the form of triggers and past wounds. However, a growth-directed mindset helps us in overcoming our past and moving towards doing something better. But it is important to ensure that the growth factor does not become overemphasis.

Ensuring Presence and Appreciation

The main reason why relationships fall apart is the gradual decay of friendship and closeness. Other reasons like communication problems, conflicts, or affairs do not damage relationships as done by unfriendliness and the increasing gap between couples. Therefore, presence is often termed as preventive medicine. Additionally, appreciation goes a long way toward the sustainability of a relationship.


Autonomy (the right to be independent and self-governing) is a key part of the conscious relationship). It allows pursuing personal goals and aspirations while maintaining clear boundaries.

Creating a Conscious Relationship

A conscious relationship can be developed by following the following three steps:

  • Determining the purpose and vision of your relationship
  • Formulation of agreements to fulfill those purpose and vision
  • Commitment to daily habits and actions for the sustainability of the relationship.


Developing a conscious relationship is truly an art. There is no single guide book that one can consult for developing such relationships. This is because every relationship has its own set of challenges and needs. However, mindfulness and intentionality are the two elements that can help in developing such relationships.