How To Look Fashionable On Your First Date

You’ve finally found the perfect date, and you’re preparing for your first date, your hair is beautiful, your makeup is on point, and you are feeling flirty and confident. Still, you don’t know what to wear. You’re not alone.

Everyone will agree that coming up with the right outfit for a first date is more stressful than putting your day-to-day outfit selection together since we’re all trying to make a fashionable first impression. Lucky for you, you need not worry.

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From a simple jean and top combination to a skirt-and-sweater look you can wear day or night, you can leave a lasting impression. Here are a few tips for easy outfit ideas perfect for a first date.

  • Wear something comfortable, and that makes you feel comfortable. You don’t need to wear something you have to struggle with or make you feel like a different person. Be you always.
  • It must be a balanced combination of trying but also not trying. It should look friendly enough to look put together but casual enough that you don’t look like you spent hours overthinking it.
  • It CANNOT show sweat or hold odors.
  • It must include a subtly flirtatious element like a hint of a bra, a soft sweater, a heel, or jeans to make your butt look amazing.
  • Always wear a black bra and panties — even under a white t-shirt. The you can add something a little extra or wild like a slogan t-shirt underneath a fitted blazer or you can even try on big, bold glasses or smoky eye makeup to have some edge.
  • Use makeup; they’re super attractive. Apply a new stash of eye cream to your eyes, use liners, neutral shadows, and mascara. Such a gorgeous look will spark up a passionate predate, “pep talk.”
  • If you want to appear wide-awake, you can also dab eye cream with under-eye concealer; apply a subtle, shimmery shadow on lids in sand or peach; use a dark gel pencil liner for discreet shaping at the upper lash line and inner rim.
  • You don’t need peak comfort unless your first date is a walk after the gym or after yoga at a green juice bar. Peak chemistry and reverence for the occasion are required. Make an effort-your date, too, should. He’s not polite when he turns up with unwashed hair, a dirty beard, messy clothing, stained teeth, or unclipped nose/ear hair. It is not a positive thing to have a little too much authenticity.