Stigmatizing sugar relationships is counterproductive: An Expert Guide

A sugar relationship is when an elder male/female partner (sugar dad/mom) develops a relationship with a young male/female partner (sugar baby) for companionship. There are even online forums for these relationships similar to online dating sites. Some of the popular sites for sugar relationships are sugardaddymeet reviews and Seeking Arrangement. Sugar relationships are often stigmatized in different ways within society. This article attempts to explain why the stigmatization of sugar relationships is counterproductive.

Sugar relationships are not a monetary-driven relationship

In general, sugar relationships are transactional in nature. The sugar dad/mom provides the money to the sugar baby while the latter offers his/her companionship to sugar dad/mom. Consequently, the relationship is viewed as a monetary-driven relationship. However, the monetary part is just one side of the sugar relationship, which holds no meaning or importance without coupling the factor of companionship. Therefore, it is wrong to project sugar relationships as monetary in nature.

Sex is not a requirement in any sugar relationship

Sugar relationships are also stigmatized in society as the normalization of prostitution. It is a common myth that the sugar relationship is mostly viewed as another form of prostitution. However, the ground reality is totally different. There is no set requirement of sex within a sugar relationship. Such relationships can only be about a few dates only. Moreover, in some instances, sugar relationships have often been converted into marriages. Therefore, it is important to note that sex (or any related aspect) is not a requirement of any sugar relationship.

A sugar relationship is a marriage of convenience

Sugar relationships are often said to be not working owing to generational gaps. However, the majority of such relationships are stable and long-lasting. Some even become lifetime partners by transforming their relationship into a marriage. It is pertinent to note here that the emergence of the sugar relationship has occurred when the general trend of loneliness is increasing in our societies. Moreover, young people are often engulfed in tight spots financially owing to high college tuition fees. Therefore, sugar relationships often act as a marriage of convenience for both senior partners (who need companionship to kill loneliness) and junior partners (who need financial support for completing higher education). 

Sugar relationships and Sexual Exploitation/Abuse 

While those who oppose sugar relationships often highlight the abuse and sexual exploitation of sugar babies, it is important to point out that such relationships’ frequency is very minimal compared with the overall number of relationships. Moreover, the internet has allowed individuals who want to engage in such relationships to do background checks of their future partners and find other relevant information before they meet in person to avoid pimps and sex predators.  

A sugar relationship is a consent-based relationship between two adults

It is important to note that sugar relationships are built on both partners’ consent. The partners are fully independent in whatever they feel like doing in their private spaces like homes, etc., and the level of intimacy they want to have in their relationship. It should not be an individual’s business to interfere or even bother to comment on what two consenting adults feel to do in their lives.